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과거를 후회하지 말고 미래를 무서워 하지 마라!

Search me, know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts

음악 그냥 음악이다~♥
On HIATUS or something like that. Spams to flist slowed down by lots. You can defriend me at anytime if you want and I will understand ^^;
+ This journal is friend-locked except for certain fandom spazzez, pimp and random posts.
+ 날 알아 is where you can get to know me and if we click, feel free to add and I will add you back. If I don't add you back, I am sorry it means that I am not comfortable yet with you so no hard feelings ._.

+ I am very WEIRD but this is for you to find out which level of weirdness that I am 8Db
+ I am busy trying to master both Korean & Japanese to facilitate my fangirling so pardon me if I do it chipsmore-style :"))
[영웅] 왜 하늘을 보면 나는 눈물이 날까 그것조차 알 수 없잖아
[유노] 왜 어른이 되면 잊어버리게 될까 조그맣던 아이 시절을

-동방신가의 풍선


A Jaeho Is Forever.

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lusimeles comment on blinkable: "Korean boyband enthusiast with similar affection for cute purple elephants."

Tx2 beatcrusher for kuribati's layout (tweaked by me), ribbonized for brutal's profile codes and jaeya for moodtheme at harajukunights :)
ChibiYJ by lifeisbuttsuke