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08 February 2011 @ 10:35 pm
[Rant]Unfortunately I do not believe in change  
I hate this feeling so much. Because most of the time you bring out the worst in me. I hate to see myself whenever it happens.
To everybody else who know nothing, I have became the bad person. There is nothing I can do about that. And to be honest I have past the point of caring at all. Of being shameful, I have none left anyway.
Maybe one day I might regret on my choices made but I really won't know until then. And I don't want to know as well. Maybe I will even carry the guilt with me throughout my life but I still believe I need to stand by what I have made up my mind on.
I need to carry out what I keep preaching to myself. Because it's time...there is not much time left in fact.
We won't know anything about what the future may brings so for now, I chose this. Even if it made me feel bad, even when this is not me, I have chosen to stand by the decision made.
You can say what you want. I always believe we have choices. Right or wrong that is another matter.
One day when you do actually come to realise all that you have done, maybe it's too late by then, for you, for me and for us all. But I sure hope and wish that one day for you because as bad as everything is, we will need it for a closure and moving on. At least I think everyone deserves such a one day of realisation for the better of all.