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10 April 2011 @ 03:08 pm
[Spazz]JYJ Worldtour Bangkok Apr 2-3, 2011  
JYJ Worldtour Bangkok Apr 2-3, 2011

I shall start off by stamping a mark on this round of concert being the most dramatic one ever , at least for D1 =.=; Flying in the afternoon on same day of concert, let’s not pull that stunt again, ever. The traffic to the concert venue was horrendous due to the different conventions held at same time of the JYJ concert. I am not being dramatic when I said I panicked since by 5pm I was still in a van trying to reach the concert venue. However as usual Thai fan girls are awesomely friendly and let me joined them walking to the stadium! The weather was unbearably hot and with all the rushing, walking, I was practically showering in my own sweat XD

Anyhow, I managed to get hold of our tickets from the busy Thai Ticket Major counters and before long, chloe1910 have also arrived. We queued up to go into the stadium after stopping by at concert goods booth we went into the stadium. While waiting, we also chatted up some Thai fans who told us on some local fan projects. Once inside the stadium, upon locating our seats at SI area row F, we also said HI to the fangirls team from Philippines (you-know-who-you-are) who were seated few rows away lol! :P

As for D2, we were at the venue very early, like around noon since chloe1910 wanted to buy the fangoods. and we needed to collect our AR tickets from a Thai friend. I think best selling concert items would be the concert photo books and the JYJ cheering towel banner- total SOLD OUT on both days. Outside in front of the IMPACT Arena, there were botanical trees cut in the shape of elephants xD Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures because I know chloe1910 would be taking. The sponsors such as Chang and Fanta set up booths at the venue as well. There was this particular booth set up for fans to write cheering messages to JYJ too.


For both days, at the end of the concert, kahel_luna has arranged for sharing van pick-ups so we were saved from the madness of trying to leave the venue with the massive crowds. I am also forever grateful to her for buying the concert goods for me on D1 LOL! ♥

Below are random memories I have on each song on either or both days ^^

Intro- The concert started with vid clips introducing each members and somehow one way or another on both days I missed out on Jaejung’s lol! The bgm music intro to the concert was so climatic.

Empty- There was three see-through human sized boxes at the main stage and you could see 3 silhouettes in them but none of the boys. On D2, while at the mosh pit, it was clearer and you could see in the middle of the boxes it was Gunyoung, their super dancer in place of Jaejung xD So instead of in these boxes, JYJ appeared jumping out from underneath of the main stage.

I.D.S – There were few gold mannequins on stage for this performance with the dancers moving in sort of like robotic ways. I only remember the boys walked to the front stage or maybe even glided cause the song is just so smooth and mesmerizing *_* And I have this distinct liking of the chest dance moves for ‘deal, deal, deal ideal, my scenario’ that the boys danced to as well as the half run half dance moves .

Nine9 – Before anything else, I really am so in love with this song, it is a song with very simple lyrics but meaningful. Maybe because of this, I couldn’t recall anything at all on this performance except me waving my light stick T_T Back in Seoul, it was all a daze. And then in BKK, I was still in a state of shock to be able to listen to this song live. If I am not wrong, I remember Park Yoo Chun waving from side to side while standing at the right side of the middle stage (audience’s view of stage) and he looked so happy.

Pierrot – They stood at the elevated area at the main stage and dancers have white masks on. The crowd was singing along to “Bye! Bye! Bye!” with the boys. For some reason the image of Jaejung doing the Bye Bye Bye hand movement just stuck out the most. In fact something about Jaejung’s right hand/arm that he loves to outstretch to the right side just captured your attention lol.

Ment 1 & Jaejung’s Chang song – When YC shouted, ‘너무 기다리셨죠?!” (Been waiting very long isn't it?!), it reminded me so much of his famous “Minna junbi ok?! phrase >.< The ment saw Junsu highlighting on Jaejung’s promise to sing the Chang song back in their last visit to BKK for the Beginning Showcase Tour. They put on the karaoke version of the Chang song on the big screens with Yoochun introducing for Jaejung to start singing. Jaejung started with such high key imitating the original Chang tone, I must salute to that if he actually practiced with this key each time lol! He got so shy that he failed to sing the song properly but it was ok, as Jun chan comforted him…we were all so jaecited to hear even tit bits of him singing Chang song ;3 On D2, he fared better and managed to complete whole song although still faltered a bit on lyrics. Then Jaejung introduced the next song which is BGM.

Be My Girl (after first verse changed to Remix version) – They started off singing and dancing the slight hip grinding song until the end of first chorus and suddenly we were all bombarded with the Remix version! That was really a surprise! Everyone started standing up to do the flash mob dance to BMG. Jaejung always sounded excited with the remix version and improved much with his “Baby, Baby” moves, Junsu with his random English of yea, whoa and then Yoochun such a lazy dancer yet pumped the crowd getting us going on with the music. They got us doing the crowd wave from left to right (audience’s view of stage) and then from right to left…it was so pretty (even though on 1st night it kind of failed on first try) T_T On D2, I remember seeing Junsu’s butt while he was bent over doing the zig zag dance xD See how I paid attention to Junsu when necessary :P

Interlude – It was a video clip on photo jacket taking for the Beginning album because I have vague recollection of seeing Junsu posing with the weird looking creature xD The clip was like 2mins long maybe.

Be The One – In an indoor stadium, the beginning to this song, the sound of the siren just totally blew you off! And the so happening green laser beams! If you view the green laser beams from the mosh pit you shall be thoroughly amazed by what Director Kim has done to light up the stage venue especially during MISSION! I actually took my eyes off from the boys to stare at the laser beams lol! The fire on stage so freaking hot…can feel even from the middle of the mosh pit O_o The dance for Be The One, always a fave for me! I know a lot of people prefer Empty but BTO is my beat to groove to. Each time seeing this performance all I can think of is their nicely choreographed dance moves and the shouts for “Be The One!”

Ayyy Girl – The MV for this song was playing at the main large screen on the main stage. IMO, you can only appreciate this song when you hear it live like this. To watch them glided to the dance moves when they serenaded the part “Ayyy Ayyy Ayyy Ayyy Ayyy … Ayyy Girl” *_* Love how Yoosu filled in the lil bits here there when Kanye’s rap played at background.

Ment 2 – They were at the middle stage, (JS, JJ, YC) in which Junsu introduced Yoochun’s sexiness and his solo stage. Yoochun corrected Junsu’s pronunciation of sexy I think :D Yoochun has this very sexy V-Line outfit that revealed his chest area.

I Love You (Yoochun’s Solo) –All I remember was him touching the dancers’ arm, then boobs and then thigh *_* His sexy movements definitely improved by far much in comparison to the one in Seoul con. It’s like he is living up to his bad boy greasy image very serious intent on completing this song with much sexy oomph! I think all the fans went wild at the almost ending in which Yoochun, standing at the middle stage, was surrounded by the female dancers touching him and all. The ending was so melodramatic with him stretching out his hand trying to reach out to the female dancer who left the stage. Then the light went off and he went down the stage from the left side (audience’s view of stage). Oh and some random guy I think who looked like Flowsik came on the stage during the rap part – lip-syncing to the bgm rap??

Interlude- Intro to Dancers – Yoochun’s voice was heard introducing JYJ dancers. The dancers’ names were shown on the side screens. The male dancers showcased their moves then followed by the female dancers.

MISSION – Dramatic bgm as intro with faked drums playing on the elevated main stage. The green light laser beams just way too amaejing *____* And the live beat for this song makes you feel as if your heart is going to pop out at anytime. The boys were wearing cape that covered their heads as well. I think it was D2, at this one moment when they shook off their top cape covering their head, Junsu still have his on as he launched into the beginning of the song – he was looking so freaking cool 8Db My fave of this performance would definitely have to be at this particular bridge when they all stand in one straight row with the dancers and danced in formation and then moved in sort of half circle one by one to form the middle formation and PYC rapped…omg the dance for this song is just sooo COOL /flails And for once I actually remember seeing Yoochun danced lol! And kyaaa over Jaejung’s “bluh bluh melody” part and hitting high notes ;_; Also at one point the big main screen was showing the images of speakers beating to the music, so cool (I have limited adjective vocabs lmao). YOU MAKE ME FEEL SHOCK!!!

Interlude video clip with "I Can Soar" instrumental as bgm – I only remember it was showing collection of various scenes on the boys and what they have achieved so far and my feeling at that time was I am so proud to be their fan T_T I hope there is a fancam on this or I think CJES should release this particular vid at the official site ;;

I Can Soar (Junsu’s Solo) – Somehow I felt the bgm is not matching with Junsu’s singing..or maybe it could be the echo in the indoor stadium. Just something was not right. This I only noted on 1st night though. And I think he sang the lyrics wrongly or forgot his lyrics (which is so rare because he is Kim Jun Su!) that he hummed before continuing. Doesn’t this just prove how flexible and adaptive he can be? ^^b On D1, I remember turning around to my back and saw the fans lighted up supportive message electronic board for Junsu in very bright white lights. Unfortunately now I forgot the message lol! =.= Anyway, we were sitting at the area that later on we found out was where the Kim parents were in a special room overseeing the entire stage (I found it ironic that on 2nd night we were at the mosh pit area on same side as where they seated as well..the thing is, why kept being on Yoochun's side O_o). On D2, we were all given the 준수 pink love shaped cardboard to wear/raise up during Junsu’s solo. The project was such a success!!! Almost the entire venue was filled up with pink love shaped cards.. Such a pretty sight! Junsu must be so proud ^_^

Still In Love (Jaejung’s Solo) – OMG, when the intro to this song was played, it was another shocking moment for me. How can we move on so fast from Junsu’s solo to Jae’s just like this?! >.< /side eyeing Director Kim lol! The spot light shone on Kim Jaejung with all his glory in black standing at the front stage, just few meters away from our area ;_; When he moved to the right side (audience view of stage) of the extended front stage, dancing with the female dancer woohoo, so clear view *_* You can see he is not as rigid as when first performed in Seoul concert (although that could be due to the cold weather then). My best memory of him for this performance would have to be when he was at the left side of the extended front stage, the female dancer slowly pulling off his jacket to reveal his see through back outfit /flails Well, not forgetting his jaesome ad-libbed vocal stretching at the climax for the song, that was so thrilling to the core!

No Named Song Part 1 – Jaejung actually started the intro to this song after completing his solo, standing at the middle front stage and then went off the stage to make way for Yoochun who came out from the main stage wearing purple jacket showing off glimpses of his tattoos on his chest *_* There was a white sofa in the middle of the stage in which Yoochun sat down to continue his rap. Just way too good looking the way he sat there and rap, like a bright star in the middle of the universe /sighs dreamily When it was Junsu’s turn to sing the chorus, he appeared briefly on the left side of the main stage (audience’s view of stage). When it was Jaejung’s turn to sing, I seriously couldn’t locate him but it turned out he was at the elevated main stage…shouldn’t it be the right side to balance out Junsu who appeared on left? :P Jaejung then showcased his rapping skill and he so did not fail to impress ♥

I think on D1 I was just way too overwhelmed sitting in silence, trying to convince self I was listening and watching this performance live. When it was D2, I think I hurt my hands applauding to every of his strong emotionally filled rap. It was like D2 was even much more free style, free flow for Yoochun in comparison to the D1. On D2, when he did the ㅅㅂ out loud it feels like the whole entire stadium echoed his strong feeling for it T_T And of course D2 seeing him lying down on the sofa to rap, oh hold still my heart! I think I can go on forever on this performance but to be honest on a general perspective, what is there to watch on a rap performance yea? Yet with this song, a song that means so much to him, to them and us, I was highly caught up in the emotional waves. 우리 (결국은) JYJ ;_;

Found You – Another shocking moment of trying to recover from intense emo feel to upbeat of Yoochun’s 차..잤..다!!! Definitely a crowd’s fave!!! SKKS did them great!!! On D1, I think everyone just died when Park Yoochun showed off his super cute charms!!! :P When he did the closing eyes action as he pouted during “가만히 눈을 감아 줄래” part, when he completed it with the cute saranghae pose OMAIGAH /dies His goodness level of fan service exploded to the max when he ended the song exchanging it with kokunkrab instead of the standard 고맙다 T_T Throughout the song, the fans were singing, “널 사랑해” back to the boys and at one point I also overheard some fans chanting their names when it was their turn to sing. And of course everyone wave their arms along to the beat of the song ^^b

Ment3 – I so remember Jaejung praising the fans for having good level of Korean language understanding lmao! He also mentioned on them preparing the new songs. And I kinda remember he mentioned about the upcoming China and US tours >.<

Fallen Leaves – Fans chanting the members names while they were singing their parts. It was really a very beautiful performance. First heard during Seoul concert, even back then, it was one of the most memorable performances for me, one that touches deep into your soul. I remember able to feel the utmost sincerity coming from their voices and still remember seeing their facial expressions…and that Kim Jaejung mouthing to the lyrics while his members were singing. It was a moment filled with serenity for me..I just need to listen to them singing, as if they were singing their hopes and putting themselves on the borderline…..Junsu’s woooo ala Xiahzart ;_; ”다시 시작” mouthed off by Junsu at the very end (although not as emotional as it was during Seoul concert since that was their first and I like to believe we are always on the road to recovery) put a stop on any doubts you will ever have on their sincerities to sing for you.

New Song 1 (Boys’ Letter) – On D1, I seriously though this song has failed to pick up the tempo that it was supposed to. I kept waiting for that one moment that never come through =.= But the lyrics are once again easy to understand in comparison, at least what I could understand from, and it’s because of the grateful lyrics I was able to enjoy this song. On D2, the ending of the music kind of got to me but that was all..and I am referring to the music composition haha because I am one who listen to music first before the singing and lyrics.

New Song2 (You Are) – An upbeat song with some English words thrown in, I found myself bobbing my head to the song and have a grin on my face. They looked so carefree performing this song and throwing gift balls (??) to fans. On D2, I couldn’t help but to think that the rap part would have been such an awesome 2U rap if only, and as a fan from the good old days of DongBang the song and performance reminded me so much of SMTown Family ;; Yoochun’s “We will always love you” <333 And when the confetti and stuff came down from the indoor ceiling omg, that was so a reality check for me..the concert is ending and I was feeling so happy and sad at same time ):

New Song3 (Get Out) – All I can say is that I am so in love with this catchy song, be it the music beat or the lyrics. It’s such a happening song, radio friendly enough, completed with cute dance moves as a package!!! On D2, to see up close, Jaejung dancing with the female dancer at the beginning right after Yoochun talked/rapped (??), that image stayed with me *_* This song going to be popular so yea give this song a chance to air on public radio or even live music shows T_T In fact I think they should have English lyrics for this song with such a boyband feel to it, it’s going to be hit song for them lol! Billboard chart! Yea I think BIG when it comes to the boys! :P Even though a new song, fans were singing along to bits of the chorus! I wish to know more the creation process of this song, I hope they talked about this song in future’s interview <3

Empty (Remix) – I am so sure this song is Park Yoochun’s fave stage performing song just like how BMG is Jaejung’s :P The flawless one hand stand up solo dance of Kim Junsu!!! Omo his exposed tummy kekeke. Talking about Junsu’s tummy exposure I really couldn’t remember anymore but there was this one song, in which we were feasted with Junsu’s belly button throughout cause he was standing at our area at the front stage. Fans chanting to “Let It Go” together with the boys!!! <333

Encore2 & Ending ment
New Song4 (In Heaven) – On D1, the start of this song caught me by surprise so much. I was just too stunned T_T Because the silly me counted No Name Song Part1 as new song, so I didn’t think there would be another song after Empty (Remix).

The eerily haunting melody and their heart wrenching low emotional voices and the clean simple lighting setting the main stage- everything was perfect. The choruses were like, “Whoa!” ;; Fans were able to sing along to some repetitive lyrics too. The whole entire performance scene of them standing together at the end to sing and pouring their hearts out and harmonizing, that was nostalgic. This was the song in which both the lyrics and melody continue to play on in my head throughout the whole time I was trying to relocate my heart which was lost at the concert.

Ending commentary

Bangkok, being the first stop in which Kim Jaejung debuted as the Concert Director, there was much anticipation on how the concert setlist would be or what to expect in terms of stage performances. I must say that I found myself asking where was the supposedly water show (did I understood wrongly on the reported news prior to the concert?) and the sound system although great as it was (being indoor and all), few songs somehow were drowning against the loud bgm when listening as a whole. In fact on D2, couple of times, the boys themselves were signing to the controller to adjust the volume for their earpieces.

Nonetheless, I would still rate the concert as successful in terms of simple presentation on each song that do not really rely on specific themes but instead on delivering warm-hearted feel performances (be it a ballad or fast number, they just poured out their best) to communicate with their cheering fans. If there is a need for a theme, I most probably would drop them off on a party clubbing feel – head bobbing dance like songs as well as sensual sexy ones completed with superb green laser beams & fire stage ;) The stage was in a crossed shape that covered the entire ground arena- it is the uniqueness of the indoor IMPACT which I love when it comes to bringing close proximity between artistes and fans. And made use JYJ did with the stage design so that everyone could get pretty good views on them. Some ments that are done by memorization (I assumed since there were the standard Thai translations displayed on the big screens) even though a bit akward (I remember Junsu stumbled a bit on his ment haha) but conveyed their feelings aptly for local fans. If they could start using English a bit more I think it would be an even better selling point for them..it’s like the extra steps taken by them to bridge the language barrier gap since after all, the fans are all working hard to learn Korean to understand them as well.

As for the outfits, I have major internal battle with self. I still find it a bit weird dancing in suits and all but I am so supportive of them wearing smart outfits like that…I mean, they are so good-looking!!! /flails The very distinctive outfit I remember (other than the V-line PYC) was Junsu’s tiny black feathery wings on one of the jacket he was wearing…well at least I hope that was what I saw xD Oh and the audience!!! I must applaud to all of those who attended- great crowd who sing along and join in the fun whenever, with the boys. There weren’t much fan banners or posters hanging around the indoor but those that were there, really stood out, like the one shining in white bright light saying (if I am not wrong), “그래 결국은 JYJ" (Yes, in the end [it's] JYJ)

Special recall on D1, Director Kim who must have worked so hard for this concert, looked so tired and haggard when the camera zoomed onto his face in the big screen at the beginning of the concert but by the end of the night, his beautiful relieved smile (and I must add his striking hair color really stood out while on stage) while thanking everyone was such a sight to behold, you can’t help but to cheer even louder for him! If the jaesome green laser beams and super fireworks are his vision then Director Kim you are one jjang Director! The smiles on everyone face so worth all the drama and I would do this over again and again for them.

I would also like to add in this part - That Park Yoochun kept going to the right side seats and I went all crajae cause this was the first time I didn’t buy side seat thinking that I want to try out the center view. But then I would have missed out the front stage view that are like few feet away homg the dilemma, lmao fan girl =.=;

So smitten by Park Yoochun especially on D2 ♥ Everytime he passed by our mosh pit area, I have to remind myself to continue to stand and stare at him (even though I kept saying why he no put on enough make up cause you could see his pores lol). Throughout the whole D2, my image of him was that of a filthy rich sexy *censored* :P

Good things come to an end faster than you can imagine. The concert was around 2 hours+ maybe? On D1, it started around 6pm and ended around 8:15pm. Before you have the time to let the songs you listened to sink in, the scenes right in front of you have moved on. It was like a crajae race to enjoy the concert because you were having so much fun T_T But it's ok, until the very next time again...going wherever JYJ go! ♥

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i'm all black and white insideburningleaf on April 10th, 2011 09:04 am (UTC)

음악 그냥 음악이다~♥: SuSu_Cuteblinkable on April 10th, 2011 03:55 pm (UTC)
Aigoo....there will be next time for sure!!! Now you concentrate study first T_T /hugs

And you as a Su's fan, I just want to add extra comment here (which I purposely didn't include in the above entry)...Voluptuous!Susu XD And I am not saying he's fat or overweight anything but all the right curves and homg the cute tummy kekekekeke....it's all that one bellybutton showing outfit's fault...in which Jaejung participated in choosing fabrics from Dongdaemun (a bit irrelevant) lmao!

I have to edit, coz just noticed I typed Myeondong when my head said Dongdaemun xD

Edited at 2011-04-10 04:15 pm (UTC)
주황 여자kahel_luna on April 10th, 2011 09:31 am (UTC)
Imma condensed my comment into bullet points!

- We feel the same over Nine! I want to remember a lot from it but it's as if it didn't happen at all!
- and Jaejung’s right hand/arm that he loves to outstretch to the right side just captured your attention -Pierrot omg! I think I pointed this out to you on the 2nd day, right? it looked awkward I kept on thinking maybe they had a bar on the stage where he can lay his arm on.
- I stared at the laser show too! It was pretty awesome T_T
- Flowsik doppelganger looked greasy with his long haired wig. I was thinking it would be fun if YC's manager came out rapping xD hahaha.
- OMG, is it too much of me to even remember the hotness that is PYC, giving a sign to the control booth when the lights are out? hahaha Even on that moment, he was hot!
- And don't regret the center view please =( I thought that was a smart choice because we saw Director Kim's vision. Also we had our PYC moments at the pit.
- and oh filthy rich sexy *censored the *censored* word is a guessing game #noshit

A week ago, we were sitting at the area near KFC at this hour, trembling, agitated, excited. It was just a week ago but it feels so distant, doesn't it? I wish we could see them more often.
음악 그냥 음악이다~♥: Chun_AKTFblinkable on April 10th, 2011 04:13 pm (UTC)
Nine9...I just can't T_T Let's try harder if given the chance again Meli!

lmao yes yes you did point the hand/arm part...I remember your comment and my reply to you. He has been doing that ... when he is not sure what to do with his hand/arm xD

I was thinking it would be fun if YC's manager came out rapping xD
I actually was waiting for this to happen since for sure they won't have anybody else to do it but then /sighs Yet I think we might be asking too much of PYC..he would be so out of breath to rap and then launch into low key singing lol!

omo your memory on PYC hotness so random #noshit 8Db

No not really regret but more like wish I can spilt myself and be everywhere >.> Watched couple of good fancams today and seriously applauding these fans who could hold still the cams while experiencing all these =.=;

You would think writing down all these would probably help in strengthening the memories but not for me..these memories are slowly fading away and all I could do is just wait for the next time to relive or create even better memories ♥
주황 여자: cheonjae!kahel_luna on April 11th, 2011 11:42 am (UTC)
The right arm incident will always be something for me because I want to know the reason why he does that.

I could still remember vividly the way you reacted to PYC hotness #noshit It was the first time I saw you disarmed by someone. You're usually very calm and collected!

Maybe when the memories have faded, the world will give us a wonderful chance to create new, meaningful ones~
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOW: hm-camerafiat_amorfati on April 10th, 2011 03:30 pm (UTC)
I want to see the elephant-shaped trees.
음악 그냥 음악이다~♥: Min_Poutblinkable on April 10th, 2011 04:19 pm (UTC)
Then you gotta go chase after chloe1910 to upload pics lol! I helped her to take a lot of those what she would call "Reporting pics" i.e. she have to be able to show to her parents that she was in BKK not only for concert but also to sight seeing BKK 8Db

I would have taken the pics as well but seriously the weather way too freaking hot...and you know how turn off I am when I am sweating and annoyed at the hot weather....I wouldn't be any interested in doing stuff like pics taking....the elephant-shaped trees are out under the sun yo! Thank gawd the stadium is cool enough =.=;
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOW: qt: go everywhere do everythingfiat_amorfati on April 11th, 2011 02:45 am (UTC)
LMAO~ the next time I'm in Bangkok I will stay longer for sightseeing. This touch and go for concert trips are quite ridic. Ok, I'll wait for chloe to upload her pics.

I'm so reluctant to travel during summer and hoping that HoMin concert in June is just a rumor. Just the thoughts of sweating the moment I leave the hostel makes me sadface. At least it wasn't raining when you were there, I still think rain > hot weather.

ponky_brewster: hairspray yoochuneyecatcher_101 on April 11th, 2011 02:46 pm (UTC)
yey! i can comment now. =) ♥
thank you for doing an account on the concert, i can't remember details, it's 1 big magical event i'll treasure forever.
음악 그냥 음악이다~♥: YooSu_Hugblinkable on April 12th, 2011 10:01 pm (UTC)
yay (and we are LJ friends now lol) ♥
And we shall have more awesome memories of them together woohoo!
I really like your towels for Yoosu lol!
damaged_psychedamaged_psyche on April 11th, 2011 03:28 pm (UTC)
You're a bitch for two reasons =p Seeing JYJ in concert and for not talking to me in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGES!!!!! I'm jealous in the first instance and feeling no love from you in the second, hmph!!!

Wish the boys would come over to London *sigh*
음악 그냥 음악이다~♥: Chun!blinkable on April 12th, 2011 10:04 pm (UTC)
my gawd, where hv YOU been? I really feel like it has been ages lol! How have you been dear?
Awww don't be like that...sorry I haven't been on LJ much...you don't have twitter? rofl...I am there everyday without fail :P
I did sorta dedicated an entry mentioning to you that I am alive still XD
I hope you will get the chance to see them too ♥
damaged_psychedamaged_psyche on April 14th, 2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
Where have I been? Where HAVE YOU been!!!!? XD And it HAS been AGES!!!!!!!! T_______________T *sobs on blinkable* No, I don't have twitter! If I did, I'd be checking on JYJ's twitters everyday and I'll go crazy, lol. And where is the entry? I can't find it anywhere )=
음악 그냥 음악이다~♥: Jae_Puffblinkable on April 23rd, 2011 11:31 am (UTC)
Sorry late reply haha XD

This is the entry but it's nothing much, just mentioned of your LJ ID kekekeke

I have been busy working my ass off but of course :P RL been killing me and whenever I have the slightest time, I fangirl over twitter and make time to travel to see JYJ lmao! That's all. Nothing much haha. What about you? ^^; Hope all is well for you! ♥
damaged_psychedamaged_psyche on April 25th, 2011 08:43 am (UTC)
Access denied!!! on that entry D=!!!!!!!

Wish I could make time to see JYJ but because of the time differences and work, the timing wouldn't work out T_____________________________T
음악 그냥 음악이다~♥: JaeHo_Hugblinkable on April 25th, 2011 09:00 pm (UTC)
D: You meant you are not in my LJ Post filtered? I am so sorry for the major phail bb /sobs No wonder you asked me where have I been....whenever I post RL on LJ I locked them under this filter aigoo ;_; I fixed it now, please accept my apologies ....

damaged_psychedamaged_psyche on April 26th, 2011 01:19 pm (UTC)
Access still denied for that post (http://blinkable.livejournal.com/89525.html)
음악 그냥 음악이다~♥: Chun!blinkable on April 27th, 2011 02:25 pm (UTC)
Ok I checked again, sorry I think I marked the wrong option when posting that entry T_T
I am really so sorry...but I think when you checked that entry you probably will scream at me as well lol coz it was really nothing much ;;
damaged_psychedamaged_psyche on April 27th, 2011 02:54 pm (UTC)
You suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! =p
*screams at blinkable* Just cos you think I would! =p Hope you did cut back some of your work hours and your chest pains have gone!
음악 그냥 음악이다~♥blinkable on April 28th, 2011 02:10 pm (UTC)
Yay for able to read the entry haha!

I'm ok.. Just false alarm of pre heart attack signs lmao. Just need to get back to exercising mode which hv been doing rope skipping but that's abt the only thing I hv time to do >.< Work still crajae but it's the kind of crajae that I hv gotten used to and to be honest I prefer to be busy to keep my mind free from nonsense thoughts xD

You didn't update me much abt yourself! How about you?! ^^*
damaged_psychedamaged_psyche on April 28th, 2011 07:06 pm (UTC)
I need to exercise, it's such a struggle to lose weight!!!
Nothing much to tell, lol, same old same old. Just working and wishing for more money!!! And wishing there was enough hours in the day for me to see JYJ in Canada and HoMin in Paris!!! >.< The timing doesn't work out T___________T