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25 January 2012 @ 12:41 am
Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Seollal!

용의 해~^^ 農曆新年!!!
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음악 그냥 음악이다~♥
25 December 2011 @ 06:36 pm
Hello everyone!

Hope all of you are doing great ^^ For those who are celebrating, I hope today's Christmas has been a great one so far and to those who are not celebrating, I hope you are enjoying the holiday rest, since tomorrow is also holiday for most of us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ♥

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솔 프로바이더: Michael Buble - It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas
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04 June 2011 @ 06:58 pm
생일축하해요 우리 박유천!!! ♥

앞으로 계속 네 특이 스타일 음악을 만들 보여 주세요. 아무것도 무섭지 마세요. 말하고 싶은 이야기 다 도 말해 주세요!

멋지게 연기도 보여 주세요 ^^ 드라마 미스 리플리 대박 대박 대박!!! ㅎ 아마 영화도 연기 참가하면 좋겠어요...그 날이 기다릴게요~

끝까지 박규 응원할게요 고!고!고! 바이비!


This starts out as my tiny lil 2011 b-day project for 6002 lovers and members of myc_faceshots community. It's nothing much other than endless researching, compiling and arranging the tracks as per Park Yoochun's recommendations ^^; Definitely I have missed out some/lots (like the earlier ones since he has this cyworld since like 2006) or maybe even got some of them wrong or even went crajae lacking sleep trying to meet deadline by June4, nonetheless I hope you allow yourself to join the wonders of what BlueFaith can do to color your music life ♥ - even when you are not a fan ;)

All tracks (based on available information through my best friend Google lol) are (tried to be) properly tagged with details down to grouping of his cyworld updates and lyrics (if available). There are few songs I couldn't locate online at all or only YT version were found but if I ever do find them I shall update them here and add a remark then. Password to download: 6002

cyworld BlueFaith List-updated 110918Collapse )

Twitter@6002theMicky #nowplayingCollapse )
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음악 그냥 음악이다~♥
07 May 2011 @ 01:02 pm

Jaejungie in your face rofl
For Jaejung lovers though I am sure you would have seen this but the bgm is nice and you just cannot move yourself from this forever looping clip lol~ ♥

Bonus of KJJ healing voice

And I just need to save these links somewhere on journal instead of My Favourites tab :P


푸하하하 how can we forget this one here :P I still remember singing to this tune back when I don't even understand what they were singing lol

Stop Smoking Song hahahahaha
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18 April 2011 @ 03:45 am
Just a reminder entry to self on the promise to become a better person #brandnewstart
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10 April 2011 @ 03:08 pm
JYJ Worldtour Bangkok Apr 2-3, 2011

The Journey & EncountersCollapse )

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28 March 2011 @ 02:43 pm

Because the issue on hand touched on something I have been fighting for, for so long in RL, I get very easily irritated and to the extent of absolute angriness beyond my own comprehension :x

Get your facts straight! If you don't know what you are talking about, spend some time to read up first before making comments that only reflect your level of IQ and EQ. Show some courtesy to others who have lives! Make the effort yourself! Try to think from the other end before stamping your mark :\

Poisons are the words based on nothingness.

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20 February 2011 @ 08:03 pm
To be honest, I most dread when my tasks list gets shorter because that is when I am expose to your invasion. Keeping busy is good. It's for the better. Because I have no control at all.
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11 February 2011 @ 06:45 am
You know how in a female toilet there are stalls...how do you make choices on which one to enter or is everything supposed to be a sub-conscious act?

Take for example, the toilet in my office. There are 5 stalls. I realised I tend to choose #3 unless someone is already occupying it. What is so special of this #3 stall anyway? I don't even know myself...it's like my feet just straight away stroll towards #3. Ah #3 which is so popular because I noticed whenever the toilet is not crowded, the rest stalls would usually be empty except #3.

Recently, I would like to get rid of my addiction for #3 though. So I have been reminding self to choose #2 or #4. You see #1 is too in the front while #5 is way too behind. But since I am still used to going to #3, I tend to walk past #2 already before realising once again my feet are directing me towards #3..and in the end I end up at #4 whenever I managed to remind self not to join the #3 bandwagon anymore...As a Chinese, choosing #4 is not such a good idea even when I try not to be superstitious =.=;

Maybe it's destiny to just go straight to #3. And for some people, there is a reason to like #3 for however random that reason can be :p
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08 February 2011 @ 10:35 pm
I hate this feeling so much. Because most of the time you bring out the worst in me. I hate to see myself whenever it happens.
To everybody else who know nothing, I have became the bad person. There is nothing I can do about that. And to be honest I have past the point of caring at all. Of being shameful, I have none left anyway.
Maybe one day I might regret on my choices made but I really won't know until then. And I don't want to know as well. Maybe I will even carry the guilt with me throughout my life but I still believe I need to stand by what I have made up my mind on.
I need to carry out what I keep preaching to myself. Because it's time...there is not much time left in fact.
We won't know anything about what the future may brings so for now, I chose this. Even if it made me feel bad, even when this is not me, I have chosen to stand by the decision made.
You can say what you want. I always believe we have choices. Right or wrong that is another matter.
One day when you do actually come to realise all that you have done, maybe it's too late by then, for you, for me and for us all. But I sure hope and wish that one day for you because as bad as everything is, we will need it for a closure and moving on. At least I think everyone deserves such a one day of realisation for the better of all.